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Massey Road Ready Academy

Massey Road Ready Academy is a full service Third-Party Driving School for students & adults. Massey is licensed by the State of South Carolina and Certified through AAA.
Massey can administer the Knowledge Test and Road Test for individuals needing a Beginner Permit or Licenses.
​ GOT A TICKET??? Take our 4 Point Reduction Defensive Driving Course. Massey also offers an Insurance Reduction, RoadWise 55 + and Fleet Recertification Training.

Massey Road Ready Academy, LLC is licensed by South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. MRRA Driver Training Instructor's were certified through Drive Alert in Greenville SC, and has been Licensed by the SC Department of Motor Vehicles. MRRA is incorporated in the State of South Carolina and MRRA is obliged to comply and perform under the State of South Carolina’s Department of Motor Vehicle rules and regulations.
Massey Road Ready is now Third Party Tester. MRRA's objective is to prepare each student for the SC DMV Road Test by teaching proactive strategies to engage learners by emphasizing not just knowing the material, but knowing how and when to use the strategies taught and why the strategies work to save lives.


Massey Road Ready Academy, LLC (MRRA) is located in Greater Oconee County area. MRRA’s physical address is 2028 Westminster Hwy, Walhalla, SC 29691. MRRA is a SC State-Certified and Licensed Driver Training School.
MRRA was started by two individuals who envisioned a driving program that would promote a safe, effective, and efficient learning environment by focusing the program on collaborative and kinetic learning. MRRA anticipates through collaborative and kinetic learning students driving knowledge will increase.
Kinetic learning is known as “self-directed learning” for the reason, the learner (student) is in control.

About Us

Kinetic learning is a strategy used to engage the learner to emphasize not just knowing the material, but knowing how, when, and why to use the material and strategies learned. Massey Road Ready Academy (MRRA) mission is to promote a safe, effective and efficient driving education course where each student will be “Road Ready”. MRRA is committed to serving and protecting our community.

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